• What Is Dowsing ?

    Dowsing is considered to be a spiritual or divine practice that utilizes our own internal energies to seek solutions to problems. These energies can guide an individual to obtain a certain level of knowledge, which may take the form of a simple “yes” or “no” answer or may help the “dowser” (or “user”) to locate an object or place they are looking for. The dowsing practice has been used, both historically and in present-day society, to find water wells or other places where running water is located. Dowsing has also been related to the finding of gravesites, as well as for detecting treasure and rare minerals.

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    How Does It Work ?

    The dowsing process is practiced by using a special tool, which is most commonly either a pendulum or a type of dowsing rod. These tools allow the user to detect different types of natural vibrations. Although there are many types of tool available, they all essentially hold the same purpose of directing the user to something they are searching for. Some dowsing tools are also used to detect human auras, as well as for healing purposes.

    The user’s ability and experience in the dowsing field are deemed to be important in achieving the best results. Many practitioners feel that an individual should develop a special relationship with their instrument, which will help them to tune into the external frequencies that naturally surround us. Being able to develop our internal energies to aid the dowsing process is considered to be highly important in the dowsing practice.

    What Do I Need To Begin Dowsing?

    In theory, very little is needed to begin practicing the art of dowsing. The choice of tool is largely dependent on the intended use and personal preference of the dowser. A wide selection of rods and pendulums are available for purchase online which can be quite affordable and may be easier than trying to locate a physical retailer. These tools are able to give responses to different types of questions, and may also react when an important finding is discovered. See our related articles for more information on this exciting subject.

    Does The Process Really Work?

    Scientific studies have often failed to find any mysterious forces at work during the art of dowsing. They generally attribute positive results to pure chance, as opposed to being a consequence of spiritual or divine influence. Nevertheless, this has not deterred large groups of followers from continuing to enjoy the dowsing practice. Many strongly believe that the findings they uncover are a consequence of being able to tap into these natural energies. It is thought that this becomes possible thanks to a connection of both hemispheres of the human brain, which combine to create this ability.

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    Do I Need To Join A Particular Organisation?

    Anyone can begin dowsing, at any age, and this includes children! In fact, some dowsers believe that younger people actually have a greater capacity to tap into both inner and outer vibrational energies. It is not necessary to join any type of club or organization. In fact, dowsing is generally enjoyed as an individual hobby rather than in groups. Joining an organization is purely personal choice, but it is not required.

    Where Can I Find More Information On Dowsing?

    We recommend that you take the time to read our website and to check out all our pages on the different types of dowsing tools available. Begin by understanding the basics, and how the practice works, in order to become more versed on the subject. If there’s something you’d like to see on our site that isn’t included, don’t be afraid to drop us a line!